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Third Straight Month of Employment Growth Marks Ontario's Ongoing Economic Recovery
September 04, 2020
Today, Statistics Canada released its monthly employment numbers which showed an increase in Ontario of 141,800 jobs in August.
Governments Extend Child Care Funding to Support Working Parents
September 03, 2020
Agreement between the Ontario and federal governments will ensure child care is safe, accessible and affordable.
Ontario Providing In-Demand Skills Training to Over 15,000 People
September 03, 2020
The Ontario government is providing $37 million to help more than 15,000 people train for new jobs and upgrade their skills to enable them to contribute to the province's economic recovery.
Ontario Extends Support for Employers and Employees Impacted by COVID-19
September 03, 2020
The Ontario government is helping protect jobs and businesses by extending protection to prevent temporary layoffs from automatically becoming permanent job losses.
Ontario Expands Driver Testing Services Province-wide
September 03, 2020
Starting September 8th, you can book class G road tests and access all classes of driver testing services at DriveTest Centres across Ontario.
Ontario-Québec Summit to Convene on Economic Recovery
September 03, 2020
Premier Doug Ford and Québec Premier François Legault will convene an Ontario-Québec Summit to advance issues important to the people of the two provinces.
Ontario Protecting Transit Riders and Workers as Province Reopens
September 02, 2020
The Ontario government is partnering with public transit operators across the province to implement measures that will ensure transit workers and passengers can safely and confidently take public transit.
Welcoming Caregivers to Ontario's Long-Term Care Homes
September 02, 2020
The Ontario government is updating the visitor policy for long-term care homes to help operators implement consistent visiting practices across the province.
Ontario Expanding Seniors Dental Care Program
September 01, 2020
The Ontario government is providing $25 million to expand access to the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program. The funding will be used to support 78 infrastructure projects across the province, including building new dental clinics and renovating existing facilities.
Ontario Launches New Tools to Help Prevent Human Trafficking
August 31, 2020
As students prepare to head back to school, the Ontario government continues to raise awareness about sexual exploitation and human trafficking among children and youth.
Ontario Preparing People for Careers in the Auto and Advanced Manufacturing Sectors
August 31, 2020
The Ontario government is investing $9.3 million in 11 training projects to help approximately 2,000 students and job seekers prepare for auto and advanced manufacturing careers.
Ontario Moving to Enhance Public Safety and Food Supply Chain
August 31, 2020
In order to keep people safe, the Ontario government is making it an offence to stop, obstruct, hinder or otherwise interfere with a motor vehicle transporting farm animals.
Ontario Helps Young People Along the Path to Lifelong Success
August 28, 2020
The Premier's Council on Equality of Opportunity seeks to further support disadvantaged youth and job seekers from underrepresented groups, by investing $2.2 million to help them develop the skills they need for successful careers.
Safe Outings Now Possible for Long-Term Care Home Residents
August 28, 2020
Ontario is pleased to announce that long-term care residents can once again leave their residences for short-stay and temporary absences.
Ontario Supporting Enhanced Immigration Services for Children and Youth in Care
August 28, 2020
The Ontario government is providing $200,000 to the Peel Children's Aid Society to enhance its Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence program.
Ontario Expanding Youth Training Programs to Promote the Skilled Trades
August 28, 2020
The Ontario Government is investing $43 million in expanded youth training programs to give young people exposure to more employment options.
Governments Help Ontario Food Processors become more Innovative and Competitive
August 28, 2020
The Governments of Canada and Ontario are providing more than $5.4 million through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership to help food processing businesses improve food safety, increase labour productivity and enable better access to markets.
Ontario Releases COVID-19 Management Plan for Schools
August 27, 2020
As part of Ontario's plan for students to safely return to the classroom in September, the government has released the Operational Guidance: COVID-19 Management in Schools document.
Ontario Supports Those Struggling with Electricity Bills during COVID-19
August 27, 2020
The Ontario government announced that it will continue to support provincial electricity consumers by providing stability and greater customer choice, while helping those struggling to pay their energy bills as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Additional Funds Enhance Ontario's Robust Back-to-School Plan
August 26, 2020
The Ontario government's back-to-school plan, developed in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health and public health officials, is being further enhanced by additional federal investments and resources to support the return to class in the fall.
Ontario Strengthens Supports for Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors
August 24, 2020
The Ontario government announced frontline victims services organizations will receive $7.65 million over five years in funding for specialized services to support human trafficking victims and survivors as part of the government's comprehensive anti-human trafficking strategy.
Ontario Partners with Federal Government and 3M Canada on New N95 Respirator
August 21, 2020
The Ontario and federal governments are partnering with 3M Canada to expand its Brockville, Ontario manufacturing facility to produce made-in-Ontario N95 respirators.
Ontario Adding 200 New Provincial Police Officers
August 20, 2020
The Ontario government announced the hiring of an additional 200 Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers.
Ontario Extends Orders Under the Reopening Ontario Act, 2020
August 20, 2020
The Ontario government, in consultation with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is extending orders currently in force under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020 (ROA).
Ontario Releases Plan to Grow and Protect the Forestry Industry and its Forests
August 20, 2020
The Ontario government released Sustainable Growth: Ontario's Forest Sector Strategy, the province's plan to create jobs and encourage economic growth in the forest industry.
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