Ontario’s Phase 2 Vaccination Effort Now Underway
Ontario’s Phase 2 Vaccination Effort Now Underway
April 06, 2021

BURLINGTON  — Today, Burlington MPP Jane McKenna wrote to Halton’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hamidah Meghani urging Halton Public Health to re-focus local vaccination efforts consistent with the details outlined in phase 2 of Ontario’s province-wide vaccination effort.

McKenna specifically asked for the following changes to our local vaccination effort:

  • Expand eligibility to those with the highest-risk health conditions, as outlined under Ontario’s Phase 2 vaccination plan, regardless of their age;

  • Take advantage of the spring break next week to vaccinate teachers, educators and those who work in our local schools, consistent with Niagara Region, and

  • Include all high-risk critical retail workers including those in our grocery stores and pharmacies.

“Today Ontario moved into phase 2 of our province-wide vaccination effort,” said Burlington MPP Jane McKenna. “Phase 2 means that more people with the high-risk health conditions and their caregivers, will be eligible for vaccination, along with workers who cannot work from home, such as elementary/secondary school staff and high-risk critical retail workers.”

“Burlington residents have certainly appreciated efforts by Halton Public Health to expand vaccine availability based on age,” said McKenna. “Moving forward, prioritizing vaccinations in line with Ontario’s Phase 2 eligibility criteria will ensure better protection for all of us.”

Ontario’s three-phase vaccination plan is available online at:

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