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You’ve heard the stories — now here's the facts about the Ontario government in Burlington
You’ve heard the stories — now here's the facts about the Ontario government in Burlington
July 08, 2019

The Ontario government’s first year has been a success for the people of Burlington. The focus is and will continue to be on respecting the taxpayer and on protecting what matters most — our world-class health-care and education systems. You’ve heard the stories, now please take a moment to read up on the facts.

Health Care

The health-care budget this year is increasing by $1.3 billion. Here at home, the government has invested an additional $3.2 million in beds and programs at Joseph Brant Hospital. Additional investments have been made in Carpenter Hospice in the amount of $190,000 and $474,000 to ROCK (Reach Out Centre for Kids) to support children and youth mental health. Funding has also been allocated to Wellington Park Care Centre for an additional 92 beds in the near future.


The government is delivering an education system that puts student achievement at the centre of everything. That is why it is investing $700 million more in education this year, and spending a landmark $1.6 billion to make sure not a single teacher will lose their job as a result of changes to class sizes or e-learning.

The government is increasing funding for transportation to over $1 billion, increasing funding for our students with special needs by over $90 million and investing $1.4 billion in school renewal programs as part of a $13 billion commitment over 10 years.

The Halton District School Board will receive more than $706 million, an increase of $1.4 million over last year, special education funding increases by $1.3 million over 2018-2019 to more than $88 million, and transportation funding will increase by $1.5 million to $18 million. In addition, the government is providing $24 million through a language grant to ensure students are able to access quality French language programming.

Next year the Halton Catholic District School Board will receive about $387 million, an increase of $4.8 million; special education funding increases by about $1.5 million to $48 million; and transportation funding increases to $9.4 million. Through the HCDSB will receive $8.8 million through the language grant.

The government will continue to work with all school boards to ensure they are making the most responsible and accurate decisions during this process. It has funded attrition protection at 105 per cent. This is designed to ensure school boards can choose to continue to offer specialized courses that require specialized teachers and/or smaller class sizes.

Burlington Regional Governance Survey

I have enjoyed meeting with many of you and communicating by email on issues that are important to you and our community. Thank you to the hundreds of residents who responded to our online survey about regional governance review. I want to stress this was a straw poll, simply to gauge public opinion. But I’m happy to report, as expected, a very strong majority of respondents want to remain a part of Halton Region. I have always said that Halton is the poster child for regional governance in Ontario.

For a summary analysis of the survey please visit

[Click Here to view the original article from the Burlington Post's July 08, 2019 Issue.]

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