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What’s new on the QEW?
What’s new on the QEW?
October 10, 2019

This year marks the 80th anniversary of Canada’s first super highway, the Queen Elizabeth Way. October also marks the 61st year of the Burlington Skyway’s steel bridge and the 34th year of its twin. From a simple two-lane roadway, the QEW has become one of Canada’s busiest highways.

Whether you drive on city streets, the QEW or Highway 403, road construction presents many challenges for drivers. Narrowing lanes, uneven surfaces, construction signage and barricades all reduce traffic flow, adding time to your commute.

I’m often asked, “What’s going on with the construction on the QEW through Burlington?” Over the past few months, work began to replace the 'express' or core bridge on the QEW over North Shore Boulevard due to the age of the existing structure.

In 2021, work will begin on the rehabilitation of the two bridges on the ramp from the Toronto-bound QEW to the Toronto-bound Highway 407. This work will include ramp resurfacing, expansion joint work and bridge deck waterproofing.

Another question people ask is, “When will the government add lanes to the QEW and 403 Junction?” In 2017, the MTO began a Design and Environmental Assessment Study to consider improvements to the junction, also known as the Freeman Exchange. This ongoing study recommended the addition of two lanes along the QEW in each direction. One of these lanes would be designated HOV.

In order to add new lanes, bridge work is required at Brant Street, Fairview Street and the CN Railway overhead bridge near IKEA. To keep traffic moving during construction, these three bridges will need to be widened to prevent long-term lane closures.

Over the next three months, additional consultation will take place before the Transportation Environmental Study Report is filed in the first half of 2020. Once the MTO receives environmental clearance, bridge work could begin in the spring of 2023 and is estimated to take four years to complete. Once the expanded bridges are in place, lane additions on the QEW in Burlington can proceed. Along with these lane additions, upgrades to signage, lighting and storm water management will also take place. Replacement of the steel median barrier between North Shore Blvd and Fairview Street will take place sometime after 2023.

Please contact my office at 905-639-7924 if you any questions on these upcoming improvements to the QEW. You can also visit my website at for future updates.

[Click Here to view the original article from the Burlington Post's October 10, 2019 article.]

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