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Ontario government funding new infrastructure to relieve Burlington traffic
March 14, 2019

Wyecroft extension welcome news, writes McKenna

Click here to view the original article in the Burlington Post/Inside Halton.

The Ontario government recently announced their commitment of $57.6 million to provide funding to support the Wyecroft Road Extension and Bridge Project.

Currently, Wyecroft Road ends at Bronte Creek and local traffic is diverted north to the QEW or south through residential neighbourhoods. The road extension and bridge crossing will now connect Burlington and Oakville over Bronte Creek, and provide much needed traffic relief for both commuters between the two cities and local residents.

This is a vital infrastructure investment that will have a positive impact on everyone — residents, businesses, cyclists, transit users, pedestrians, first responders and drivers.

It will not only create a bridge between Burlington and Oakville, it will also accommodate more transit options for our residents and reduce congestion on the QEW by providing an alternate east-west route.

Additional benefits will include reduced commuter time getting to Appleby and Bronte GO stations; improvements to the bus network between GO stations; and new cyclist and pedestrian infrastructure.

Another investment from all three levels of government will ensure the high quality of our drinking water for years to come. As part of the Government of Canada’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund, the federal government is providing up to 50 per cent of funding —$4,029,412. The Ontario government is investing more than $2,014,706, and Halton will provide the balance of funding.

These are two examples of partnerships that work between the regional municipality of Halton and the two senior levels of government.

From my perspective regional governance in Halton is working well.

But Ontario’s system of regional governance has been in place for 50 years without a systematic review. There may be aspects that could be improved. It's for that reason, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark, initiated a regional government review to make sure the current system is working well for everyone.

The special advisers, appointed by the government, are gathering input from numerous elected and appointed municipal officials and municipal stakeholders.

Critics of our government’s review of regional government claim that we have already made up our minds. That is simply not true. This is not an exercise to amalgamate municipalities. It’s worth pointing out that in the Municipal Act, if two municipalities want to have that conversation, they're free to do so.

Jane McKenna is the MPP for Burlington

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