Legislature Adjourns after Productive and Collaborative Session
Legislature Adjourns after Productive and Collaborative Session
December 12, 2019

TORONTO — After a successful fall session, the Ontario Legislature will be adjourning until the new year. Since October, the Government of Ontario has worked collaboratively with Members of all parties to more effectively and efficiently deliver on its plan for the people of Ontario.

"This has been an incredibly productive legislative session," said Minister Paul Calandra, the Government House Leader. "We have worked across the aisle on initiatives such as the Fall Economic Statement, the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, the Trust in Real Estate Services Act, the modernization of the rules and procedures of the Legislature, and the Poet Laureate of Ontario Act, sponsored by Percy Hatfield, MPP for Windsor-Tecumseh."

Over the past several weeks, the Ontario Government has many Legislative accomplishments, including:

  • Passed Bill 116, the Foundations for Promoting and Protecting Mental Health and Addictions Services Act which, if assented to by the Lieutenant Governor, will establish a Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence within Ontario Health and support the province's participation in a national class action lawsuit against more than 40 opioid manufacturers and wholesalers.

  • Passed Bill 132, the Better for People, Smarter for Business Act which will simplify and modernize regulations while protecting health and safety.

  • Passed Bill 136, the Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act, which implements the strongest penalties in Canada for people who violate animal welfare laws while enhancing oversight and accountability.

  • Passed Bill 138, A Plan to Build Ontario Together Act, to support the implementation of the Fall Economic Statement, which delivered on the government's commitment to cut Ontario's small business tax rate by 8.7 per cent and helped reduce the cost of living in northern Ontario  by cutting the aviation fuel tax.

  • Passed Bill 124, the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act.

  • Introduced the Trust in Real Estate Services Act which has now passed second reading. This bill if passed, would increase consumer confidence, enhance standards for real estate professionals and brokerages and provide additional flexibility to keep pace with a modern marketplace.

  • Introduced and began debate on the Security from Trespass and Protecting Food Safety Act which, if passed, will better protect our hardworking farmers, their families, their employees and their farm animals by addressing unique risks associated with on-farm trespass.

  • Introduced the Rebuilding Consumer Confidence Act, which, if passed would overhaul the Ontario new home warranties and protection program, reforming Tarion Warranty Corporation, making it consumer-focused.

  • Introduced the Smarter and Stronger Justice Act which, if passed will modernize and improve how legal aid services are delivered, class actions are handled, and how court processes are administered. This bill also paves the way to allow identities and legal documents to be verified online, making life easier for the people of Ontario. 

  • Successfully modernized the rules of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to enhance debate, empower independent Members, and allow the accommodation and full participation of Members of Provincial Parliament with disabilities.

  • Worked across party lines to advance two Private Members' Bills - Bill 6, the Poet Laureate of Ontario Act, sponsored by NDP MPP Percy Hatfield and Bill 123, co-sponsored by PC MPP Lorne Coe and Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner, which would create a fine for drivers who block parking spaces that are reserved for electric vehicle charging.

"Our priorities this legislative session have been to restore trust and accountability in government, to reduce red tape and regulatory burdens for our job creators, and to build safer communities," added Minister Calandra. "While there is still much work to be done, I am very pleased with the progress that we have made and the cross-partisan relationships we continue to build."

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