Concussion Awareness Campaign to Reduce Injuries
September 27, 2018

QUEEN'S PARK - Ontario's Government for the People is demonstrating its commitment to making sports safer for kids and marking Rowan's Concussion Law Day by developing a multimedia campaign that will raise awareness about concussion safety. The campaign will get concussion safety information in front of the Ontarians who need it most.

"Reducing the risk of concussions is always the goal. But concussions happen and knowing what to do - whether you're an athlete, a parent, a coach or a teacher - can save lives," said Sylvia Jones, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. "We'll honour Rowan Stringer's memory by launching a province-wide multimedia campaign to raise awareness about concussion safety."

Concussions represent nearly a quarter of Ontario student injuries treated by a doctor or nurse. Ontario students who report a head injury are more than twice as likely to report very high emotional distress and to report less success in academics.

Lisa MacLeod, Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services, sponsored Rowan's Concussion Law in the Legislative Assembly, where it was adopted in March, 2018. "Ontario is a world leader in concussion safety and is the first jurisdiction in Canada to pass concussion safety legislation. On Rowan's Concussion Law Day, we intend to raise awareness about concussions so that our young athletes can have fun and be safe. I am pleased that our new government is carrying on with the work that was started in 2015," said Minister MacLeod.

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