Ontario Taking Immediate Action to Improve Long-Term Care System
July 31, 2019
Our government is committed to improving Ontario's long-term care system to bring it into the 21st century so we can ensure people across the province receive the quality, safe care they need, when they need it.
Ontario Ensuring All Students Reach Their Full Potential
July 29, 2019
Ontario is continuing to support students across the province to prepare for successful careers.
Ontario Helping Persons With Disabilities Stay Active
July 29, 2019
Ontario's government is helping persons with disabilities in the Greater Toronto Area stay active and build their confidence through sport and recreation.
Ontario's Government Strengthening Fire Protection for the People
July 29, 2019
Ontario's Government is acting swiftly to improve public safety by strengthening fire protection rules across the province.
Ontario is Working Towards a Needs-Based and Sustainable Autism Program
July 29, 2019
Ontario is expanding the scope of the autism expert panel to provide advice on what a new needs-based and sustainable autism program would look like.
Expanding Learning Opportunities in STEM and Skilled Trades
July 26, 2019
Ontario is putting a renewed focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as well as the skilled trades. 
Ontario Repairing Roads and Bridges to Get People Moving
July 25, 2019
The Ontario government is putting people first by helping 23 municipalities make roads and bridges safer, and ensure Ontario is open for business and open for jobs.
Ontario Improving Public Transit Across the GTHA
July 22, 2019
Ontario is delivering on its promise to get people moving with better transit service that will make lives better and ensure Ontario is open for business and jobs.
Major Investment will Renew Ontario Schools and Strengthen Student Learning
July 22, 2019
Ontario's government is protecting what matters most by working with its school board partners to support the expansion of new school buildings and child care spaces, as well as major renovations and additions to existing schools. 
Supporting Seniors and their Families through Consultations Across Ontario
July 22, 2019
Ontario is committed to helping seniors stay healthy, active and socially connected within their own communities.
Ontario Expanding Midwifery Services
July 08, 2019
Ontario's Government is investing in frontline care by expanding access to midwifery services across the province. 
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